About Vince Pravato

Drawing, doodling, sketching and art has been a pastime for Vince Pravato since he was a young boy. Vince always had an interest in artistic expression. Art began to take a hold in Vince’s life in 1994 when he first started painting on canvases and when he started to write a screenplay for a movie called “A Nickle Short” with his brother Rich.

In 1997, Vince moved to South Beach, Florida and opened his first paint studio. Working as a lawyer by day, Vince painted on nights and weekends. He continued painting on South Beach until he and his family moved to Fort Lauderdale. Vince then closed his South Beach studio and opened his Fort Lauderdale studio, which was a much larger, 1,100 sq, ft. space. This allowed Vince to explore art from a much larger vantage point.

Vince works in multiple media and admires the work of Banksy and David Choe.